Bonpom proudly present some awesome goodness from far-flung corners of the world, Himalayan Salts from the foothills of the Himalayas, Raw Cacao from Ecuador and Sea Kelp rich in anti-oxidants from, well… the sea!

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Lúcuma *11

Lúcuma is back with volume 11. Bigger and better than ever before, 170 pages printed using plant based vegetable ink! Featuring the worlds best visionary artists, recipes from leading raw & vegan chefs/restaurants, exclusive kirlian photography, a vegan travel guide to New York and insightful spiritual articles.
Look out for our feature – ‘The BonPom Healthy chocolate factory’ where we share recipes inspired by retro chocolate. Our favourites include: ‘Old Carribean’ – rum infused raisins inside raw chocolate, ‘Creamy bar’ – a delicious caramel like bar or our co-founder Alan’s favourite,  ‘Holy Moly’ a gorgeous looking date based toffee coated in raw chocolate.

Raw Organic Cacao Powder
Raw Organic Cacao Powder 200g

‘The food of the gods’ – one of natures most divine foods in its most versatile forms. Essential for creating your own chocolate masterpieces. Use in smoothies, desserts, chocolate bars and hot drinks

Raw Organic Cacao Nibs 200g
Raw Organic Cacao Nibs 200g

Coarsely broken bits ('nibs') of Raw Organic Cacao.

Bonpom Raw Organic Cacao Butter 200g
Raw Organic Cacao Butter 200g

Cacao Butter is the fat obtained from cacao beans. It is such a versatile food however; mix it with cacao powder to start creating delicious raw chocolate. There’s nothing quite like the smell of chocolate to stimulate and awaken the senses!

Arriba Time 300g

We take the finest cacao beans from Peru, dry, dehull and gently roast them. We then grind the beans to produce a medium to coarse grind that is perfect for brewing. A superior cacao drink, full of character and flavour, suitable for drinking anytime of the day.

Turmeric 100g

BonPom Turmeric is a rich source of curcumin, one of the active ingredients found in this spice, much revered in Ayurvedic medicine. A culinary staple of Indian cuisine and now being researched for its medicinal value.

Macachino Time 300g

A great choice when you don’t want coffee but you want something rich and flavourful to satisfy that craving, a sustaining drink that is perfect any time of day from breakfast to bedtime