Lucuma Latte with Cacao

Lúcuma has been described as tasting like a cross between sweet potato and caramel! We love it, and it makes for delicious yummy hot drinks that won’t spin you out like coffee can! It tends to have a nice relaxing and comforting effect on me so I recommend this as a nice evening drink.
This is very easy to make especially if you are using shop bought milks such as almond, coconut or hemp. If you want a more wholesome version, it tastes even better if you make your own nut milk.

How to make a Lucuma Latte

*just use a kitchen teaspoon for this no need for a measuring teaspoon

Warm the required amount of milk to fill your mug in a saucepan

Then add 2-3 teaspoons of Lúcuma Powder

1 teaspoon of Cacao Powder

Half a teaspoon of Coconut oil

and sweetener of choice to your mug

Pour the milk into your mug full of those wonderful ingredients and stir well.

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