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Hybrid herbs – He Shou Wu 56g

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He Shou Wu has been used for thousands of years to support the health of the kidneys, increase vitality and  even promote the health of the hair.

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Product Description

He Shou Wu, also known as Ho Shou Wu, Polygonum Multiflorum or Fo-Ti, is one of the most revered anti-aging herbs in Asia.

He Shou Wu (pronounced huh show woo) is one of the most popular herbs in Asian herbalism. Coming from the prepared tuberous root of Polygonum Multiflorum which is a plant that grows in the mountains of Central and Southern China its taste is a mixture of sweet, bitter, astringent and slightly warming.

Uses for Hybrid herbs – He Shou Wu

  • Sprinkle over your food
  • Use to make an instant tea (1/2 – 1 teaspoons added to warm water)
  • Add to smoothies and shakes