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Lúcuma *11

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Lúcuma is back with volume 11. Bigger and better than ever before, 170 pages printed using plant based vegetable ink! Featuring the worlds best visionary artists, recipes from leading raw & vegan chefs/restaurants, exclusive kirlian photography, a vegan travel guide to New York and insightful spiritual articles.
Look out for our feature – ‘The BonPom Healthy chocolate factory’ where we share recipes inspired by retro chocolate. Our favourites include: ‘Old Carribean’ – rum infused raisins inside raw chocolate, ‘Creamy bar’ – a delicious caramel like bar or our co-founder Alan’s favourite,  ‘Holy Moly’ a gorgeous looking date based toffee coated in raw chocolate.

Product Description

Full contents:

‘The Zero Point’ by Simon Welsh

‘Take a bite out of vegan New York’
A vegan and raw food travel guide to New York
including maps for vegan walks!

‘ New York recipes ‘
Recipes from Candle 79, Candle Cafe and Quintessence

‘Cats, Dogs, Cogs & Gods’
A spiritual perspective on cats and dogs with stunning photography and graphics

‘Inside the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art’
Artwork and quotes from Kuba Ambrose, Daniel Mirante, Ernst Fuchs, Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage, Vera Atlantia,
Autumn Skye Morrison, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Olga Klimova, David Heskin, Timea Tallian, Emma Watkinson and Aloria Weaver

‘Is there life on Mars?’ by past life regression expert Maria Zhuravleva
Past life regression stories from Mars and other planets

Kirlian Photography
Unique images showing the electrical coronal discharge of a wide range of plant leafs, and flowers – from rose to hemp
Taken by Natasha Piris especially for Lúcuma.

‘The BonPom Healthy Chocolate Factory’
Raw vegan versions of classic chocolate bar favourites

‘Rediscovering Misunderstood Powerplants’
Learn the truth about coffee, cacao, coca, hemp, tobacco and alcohol.

‘Destination Vegan: Excalibur’
A showcase on the incredible new vegan restaurant ‘Excalibur’  in Glastonbury

‘Sweetly Simple’
A vegan food & juice truck

‘Cacao Ceremony: Through the glasshouse’
Going through the roof high on cacao!

‘Art Candy’
The art of Candy Alderson and in depth interview

‘Recipes ‘
from the best vegan chefs and restaurants, including Wild Food Cafe, Nama, Amy Levin (Ooosha), Martin Morales (Ceviche), Ines Romanelli (The Wild Chef), Alessandra Felice and more